Joint project of MegaFon and Graduate School of Management, SPbU
What is
5G Dream Lab is MegaFon's digital laboratory created in collaboration with St. Petersburg State University. 5G Lab has the objective of training specialists who will be able to work with 5G technologies and create new digital products.

Who are we searching for?
SPbUundergraduateand graduatestudents or alumni whograduated in 2016-2019. You areinterested in technology and dream of developingyour own digital products.
Training in the laboratory
is an opportunity:
to gain the knowledge and skills needed to work in the digital business
to chat with a team of cool and ambitious peers and meet industry experts
to create your own technological product, which can go down in history of 5G technology development
to apply for an internship at MegaFon
Training tracks
Who: those who want to be cooler than a regular programmer. We are waiting for you if you already know the basics of programming and want to solve practical problems and create products using these skills.

What we will teachyou: the full development cycle of high-tech products, working with relevant frameworks, environments and development tools.
You will also gain knowledge and skills in the areas of UI, automated quality control and other aspects necessary to create complex software solutions.
Developer of digital solutions
Who: those who want to work with a digital project from beginning to end and immerse themselves in the commercial, technological and other aspects of product management. Integrator is a new profession in the market. Such specialists know how to introduce high-tech productsto the market and adapt them to the needs of each specific client.

What we will teach you: choose and develop products that are in demand on the market, manage the development process, maintain the business logic of the product, take into account customers' and developers' needs, and also stick to a given budget.

Integrator of digital solutions
Which track to choose?
You are interested in marketing and would like to launch new products
You know what is necessary to calculate investments for launching a new product and how to predict the revenue that it can bring
Youare interested in how products and services are created
You have experience with a programming language
You are interested in server programming languages
You are interested in algorithms and have a general understanding what they are
September 21 - October 10, 2019
September 21 - October 10, 2019
Submission of applications
September 22 - October 26, 2019
September 22 - October 26, 2019
Module 1. Basic online course
During this module, you willbuild a background for further work on specialization.
  • How have communication technologies changed?
  • What is 5G and what opportunities does application of this technology give to users and business?
  • How does design of a digital product differ from design of any other product?
After understanding all these issues you can start moving from a dream to real actions.
November 1 - December 20, 2019
November 1 - December 20, 2019
Module 2. Specialized full-time course combining theory and practical assignments
During face-to-face meetings the course experts will help you to build the necessary skills and share their knowledge and expertise. In the practical workshops all participants will work in teams to come up with a product idea.
At the end of the module, you will present your idea to other students and experts.
January - May 2020
January - May 2020
Module 3. MVP development under guidance of an experienced expert
Intensive teamwork awaits you. Newly made developers and integrators work together: you will have a real product team whose goal is to create a cooland, most importantly, a joint product. While working on MVP, you and your team can always consult with mentors - experts from MegaFon and St. Petersburg State University.
May 2020
May 2020
Defending products
After the third module each team will present the project in front of an expert commission.
The best projects can be implemented with the support of MegaFon, and the best students will have a chance to get an internship or a full-time job in MegaFon.
Our experts
Key experts of MegaFon and Graduate School of Management of SPbSU
Registration for the first season of laboratory operation is closed.

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